Children’s Cup Power Camps!

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello from Swaziland! The theme of this year’s Power Camps for Children’s Cup was “Let your light shine!” For so many children in Swaziland, their lives have been full of difficulties and challenges. But for some children, the look on their face’s say something different… their lives shine because of who they have on the inside.

Meet TJ

Meet Tjengisile Ndzinisa, also known as T.J., a beautiful 12 year old girl from the “I Am Not Forgotten” home in Mbekelweni. You would never know by looking at T.J.’s face that she has had a difficult life. She is always smiling from ear to ear! Why? She is filled with joy because she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She has a relationship with Him that has caused her to change her thinking and live her life for Him and others.

Recently during Power Camps, T.J. was one of the youth group leaders selected to go to CarePoints in the eastern part of Swaziland to share with them the light that shines within her heart… the gospel of Jesus Christ! At such an early age, T.J. is all about making disciples. She is taking the gospel to kids her own age and sharing with them what has been shared with her… Amen! The Lord is raising her up as a leader.

I love seeing what the Lord does through hearts that are fully submitted to Him and His leading! Please join with us in prayer, that the youth of Swaziland will continue to be transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Peace and Grace!

Randy and Karen Brennan
Missionaries in Swaziland, Africa