Christ as Healer

Missions in Africa, Inc.
June 23, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

All is well in Swaziland. We would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their ongoing support of the ministry. We know that the Kingdom of God here in Swaziland is advancing due to the continued prayers of the saints here and in the United States.

By God’s grace, we continue to see many people being healed in their physical bodies. We are seeing that this type of ministry points them to Christ as their Healer, Deliverer, Provider and Savior. People also get a fresh revelation of the validity and authenticity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They begin to realize that the Gospel is not just about the forgiveness of sins.

We are finding that people do not typically pursue divine healing on their own. Perhaps it’s due to unbelief, a lack of sound teaching in the church, or perhaps a willingness of heart to just plod along suffering in their circumstances. We are finding that if we see someone who is sick and the Lord quickens us to pray for that person they are healed every time. Seriously, I’m not kidding. There are also those instances when we will ask the people we are ministering to if they need healing in their physical bodies or deliverance from emotional torments. As they express faith to be healed by Christ according to His Word (the bible) they are usually healed either on the spot or over the next day or so.

We are also finding that the healings are taking place more frequently at the CarePoints and settings outside of the confines of the church. For example, we had four people get healed of various ailments within a few days of each other—all at the CarePoints. We had, Mrs. Mthembu, a 63 year old cook who had a badly sprained ankle get healed immediately upon praying for her. She was using crutches and was not able to put any weight on the ankle…..but after prayer she set the crutches down and began to walk, gingerly at first but within moments she was able to put full weight on the ankle without pain. Every time we have seen her since she thanks us for leading her to Jesus to be healed. The other three were similar in nature in that they were all sickness or disease related. After agreeing with them in prayer that Christ was willing and able to heal them and rebuking the sicknesses they were all healed. Two of them were healed of chronic fatigue and depression and one was healed of a terrible flu-cold type thing that had completely wiped her out. All three of these CarePoint teachers felt better at the time of prayer and were completely healed by the next day.

Jesus truly is our Healer! If you would like to know how we pray for healing just send us an email. It’s very simple and emphasizes a strictly biblical approach to requesting divine healing through prayer. God responds when we ask according to His Word.

Randy and Karen Brennan
Serving the Lord in Swaziland, Africa