Christmas Celebrations!

Missions in Africa, Inc.
December 9, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

Christmas Greetings!

Children's Cup Christmas Celebration
Children’s Cup Christmas Celebration

Each year we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by having Christmas Celebrations at the Children??s Cup CarePoints. This past weekend was our first celebration. The theme for this year is that Jesus Christ is our true source of ??Comfort and Joy??.

Jer. 31:13 says, ??I will turn their mourning into gladness: I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.??

As we minister here in Swaziland, we are reminded daily of the difficulties and struggles facing so many of the Swazi people. Mourning is a part of everyday life here. However, daily we rejoice in the message of the Gospel. By introducing these little ones to Jesus, and teaching them the Word of God, their lives are being transformed; from darkness to light, from mourning to gladness, from sorrow to comfort and joy, from an eternity separated from God to an eternity that will be spent worshipping the King of Kings.

For unto us a child is born,
To us a son is given;
The government shall rest on him,
The anointed One from Heaven.
His name is Wonderful Counselor,
The Mighty God is He,
The Everlasting Father,
The humble Prince of Peace.

May the Prince of Peace bless you and bring you and your family ??Comfort and Joy?? this Christmas. We thank each of you for your continued prayers and financial support. We love you all and thank God for you!

Randy and Karen Brennan
Serving the Lord in Africa