Cool testimony of how God uses all things for His glory!

Missions in Africa, Inc.
April 7, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

Feature: Cool testimony of how God uses all things for His glory!

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

Many of you may remember last July, our home was broken into while we were sleeping. Praise God no harm to us in any way…only things were stolen.

Shortly after that, we decided to hire Zwelie to be our “gardener/security guard” to watch the house during the day. If anyone was casing our house, they knew our routine…. we were gone everyday, all day. At times, we dreaded coming home in case the house was cleaned out while we were gone. Zwelie is the brother of our dear friend, Pastor Mbongeni. Zwelie was living in Manzini about 30-40 minutes away so he had to relocate to Mbabane, so he moved in with his brother, Pastor Mbongeni and his wife Charity.

Zwelie Security Guard

August 2008, Zwelie starting working for us…..he needed a lot of training and direction at first. (photo “Zwelie-security guard”). We asked him to maintain the garden and be sure not to let anyone in the yard. He did a nice job, but ran out of things to do because the yard was small. So, we gave him a Bible and an excellent book written by a friend of ours, Jim Corbett. The name of the book is “Living Christ’s Passionate Life”. Everyday Zwelie would do yard work in the morning, and in afternoons he would spend time reading his Bible, the devotional and asking God what He wanted Zwelie to do with his life. It was a time of transformation in this young man’s life. Soon, Zwelie had purpose in his life and knew that the Lord had plans to prosper him according to Jeremiah 33:3.

Zwelie Translating

Zwelie started going to church with his brother and wife. Soon, the Lord started using Zwelie to translate for each service. Everything Pastor Mbongeni said, Zwelie translated into SiSwati. Now he was reading the Bible and was speaking the Word regularly! (photo-Zwelie Translating)

November 1st we moved into a new (secure) home but didn’t want to lose Zwelie so we continued to find odd jobs for him to do. After the first of the year, we started planning for the construction of the “Bride of Christ Church”. Zwelie helped getting prices and gathering necessary information.

Zwelie building the Church

February 1st we began construction on the church and Zwelie has been key in the success of this project. (photo-Zwelie Building the Church) He has found his own place to live and is doing great. He continues to translate for Mbongeni and Randy at church every Sunday. He is also starting a youth group at church! Amen!

It is amazing to see how God works all things for His glory! Something like a robbery has helped to bring a young man into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and has changed him completely! Praise God!


Randy and Karen Brennan
Serving the Lord in Swaziland, Africa