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Missions in Africa, Inc.
July 12, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that everyone back in the United States is enjoying “summer vacation.” June, July and August is winter in Swaziland. Our weather is a bit cold, but the rains have stopped and the sun shines nearly every day.

We continue to be in awe of what the Lord is doing in the “Mpolonjeni” area. We continue to see the Lords favor on Pastor Mbongeni Ndlovukazi as the Lord is using him to facilitate unity in the body of Christ in the Mpolonjeni area. Seven pastors from various churches and denominations gather together on a regular basis to pray, encourage one another, build one another up and grow in the Lord together.


EVANGELISM: Recently, these seven cooperating churches joined together for community wide revivals focusing on “Growing Spiritually and How to Serve God Effectively”. Randy was privileged to preach at Bride of Christ Church during “revivals” week. He related the journey of the New Testament believer from spiritual birth to spiritual maturity, to the journey of the children of Israel. It was a challenging teaching that compares the children of Israel’s actual journey, and how we, as New Testament believers also are on a spiritual journey. We discussed the various signs posts or markers along the way that we can use to evaluate where we are in our journey, and to really know God by experience every step of the way.


DISCIPLESHIP: We are about to complete the first trimester of the International School of Ministry here in Swaziland. We just completed “Supernatural Living” with Dr. A.L. Gill, “New Testament Survey” with Dr. John Amstutz, and “Praise and Worship” with Dr. LaMar Boschman. We opened up the sessions to the worship teams from the participating churches and we had a great turn out. Many people were blessed and encouraged to learn more about how to live a life of worship before the Lord.

Testimonies from the students give witness to what the Lord is doing in the lives of the students. Saneliso says the following through a text that he sent after class last Saturday: “Shalom Randy, you know attending your classes and your teachings, I have realized contains the truths I need to begin experiencing a much greater manifestation of God’s power in my life. My faith is quickened, my heart encouraged and my eyes set on the person of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Saneliso.” Saneliso was a church attender for many years and got born again 4 months ago. The Scriptures are coming alive for him as the Holy Spirit ministers to him during class.

Another student Nelson, also sent a text to me after class: “I thank God for bringing you to my life and you extending an invitation to me to be part of the ISOM program. God bless you in all your endeavors.”

The International School of Ministry is indeed a blessing to many. Praise the Lord!

Mercy Ministry
Mercy Ministry

MERCY MINISTRY: Recently one of our “I Am Not Forgotten” orphan homes was blessed with a lovely donation of handmade hats and booties. The timing was perfect because we are in the middle of winter. A big thank you to those whose hearts are filled with compassion for these lovely little ones that Mother Peggy cares for!

We continue to praise the Lord for the amazing things He is doing here in Swaziland. Thank you for your continued prayers. The Kingdom of Heaven continues to advance here in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Grace and Peace to you,
Randy and Karen Brennan