Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What made you decide to move to Africa?
After we came back from our 5-week missions trip to Swaziland in the summer of 2005, everything kept pointing us in the direction that we must go back. This time, it’s going to last longer than five weeks.

2. What type of missionary work will you be doing?
Some things we will be doing is: Start up a Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, plant a local church, teach basic life skills to the children, organize orphanages, help the Swazi’s establish self-sustaining businesses, and help out other ministries in whatever way we can.

3. Are you afraid of the dangers involved?

4. Don’t you care about your family and friends?
Yes, we care about them and love them very much. In the past ten years, they have seen a huge transformation in our lives. Now we are taking the very thing that changed our lives to the nation of Swaziland, bringing them hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

5. How will you be making a living?
Through the partnership and donations of others that are led to invest in the ministry here in Swaziland.

6. What about Shelly’s schooling?
At the age of 15, Shelly finished her 9th grade year and then took a high school diploma test through Goliath Academy. Now that she passed and got her high school diploma, she is allowed to take Bible Ministry Institute college courses in Swaziland.

7. How long will you stay in Swaziland?
Right now it’s a long-term commitment. We’re really not sure how long.

8. What can I do to help?

  • Pray for us.
  • Tell others about Missions in Africa.
  • Partner with Missions in Africa (See Partnership Page)

9. How can I set up a short-term missions trip?
Contact us and we’ll find out what’s the best way to go about doing this.

10. How far away is the nearest Starbucks?
Using the main dirt road, about six hours away. Unless of course we open one up here…