Namile’s Story

Missions in Africa, Inc.
January 31, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

We are doing great here in Swaziland! We wish you the very best for a blessed and prosperous New Year. This is the first update of 2011 and we are hoping that you will be encouraged in your walk with the Lord through our reports from the mission field.

We would like to take a moment to highlight a success story with you. This story is very special and unique for a couple of reasons. This story is special because it is about a young lady that we have seen grow up over the past 3 ? years and unique because she has been a part of all aspects of what Children??s Cup does here in Swaziland.

Namile Mamba
Namile Mamba

Namile Mamba is currently 19 years old. She started feeding at the Children??s Cup CarePoint at Makholweni when her situation was desperate. Her mom and dad are both dead. She has no siblings or extended family. Her HIV status is negative which is a miracle.

Namile moved in with ??Peggy?? the house Mom of the first ??I Am Not Forgotten?? orphan project 3 ? years ago. We have seen her blossom from a young girl of 15 ? years old into a beautiful young lady who is fully committed to following Christ. She is a blessing to Peggy and a joy to have around. Over the past several years Namile has excelled in school and has recently completed her high school studies.

Which brings us to the next step in Namiles life. She has applied and been accepted to Children??s Cup one year discipleship training program called the ??Global Leadership Academy??. Namile is a perfect picture of what happens when we ??Go and make disciples.??

Randy and Karen Brennan
Serving the Lord in Africa