Thankful for the Greatest Gift of All – Jesus Christ

Missions in Africa, Inc.
December 25, 2009

Featured Picture: “Thankful for the Greatest Gift of All—Jesus Christ”
(Picture of Randy, Karen and Peggy, mother at one of the “I Am Not Forgotten” orphan homes, and the kids that she loves on each and every day!)

Thankful for Jesus
Thankful for Jesus

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings and Merry Christmas from Swaziland, Africa!

Celebrating Christmas is such an exciting time of year. For many here in Swaziland, Christmas has a new meaning. Do you remember the first time you realized the significance of Christmas? When the story of the birth of a little baby, wrapped in clothes and laying in a manger, when that story came to life for you and had real significance and meaning? Many here in Swaziland are realizing for the very first time that the best gift ever is “the gift of eternal life “offered to each of us by Jesus Christ through his birth, death and resurrection.

Each and every day of 2009 has been a sort of “Christmas celebration” as the good news of the gospel has been the focus of what we do. Sometimes it takes the form of feeding children, praying with our teachers, preaching and teaching at the Bride of Christ Church, giving out Bibles to those that can’t afford to buy them or rescuing children from abusive situations and placing them in loving homes like the “I Am Not Forgotten” project. All of these are being done with the purpose of pointing people to Jesus Christ, the giver of eternal life!

What a privilege it is to see the transformation of the hearts of men, women and children as they experience the realization that Jesus is real and He is alive today. For so many in Swaziland, this is their first “Merry Christmas!”

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and financial support. You are our partners and coworkers in this work in Swaziland as we share the gospel and see the transformation in the spiritual lives of so many men, women and especially the children. We continue to keep you in our prayers, that the Lord would bless you more than you could ever ask or imagine.

Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year!

We love you,

Randy, Karen and Shelly Brennan
Serving the Lord in Swaziland, Africa