The Rescured Ones… are now Rescuing Others!

Missions in Africa, Inc.
July 21, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings in the name of Jesus! We have an awesome testimony about a young lady being rescued from a terrible situation. Her name is Phumla (poom-lah) Manana, she is seventeen years old and here is her story.

Phumla was living with her step-mother and the step-mother’s three children. Her biological father is someone in South Africa. She was not viewed as a part of the family because she was not the step mother’s natural child. As a result, the family was using Phumla as a slave and was forcing her to do all of the work around the house. At the same time, she was being neglected regarding food, water and clothing.

Mrs. Masilela & Phumla
Mrs. Masilela & Phumla

Eventually Phumla ran away to a girl friend’s house. When the parents of her girl friend found out she was staying there, they were not willing to care for her….. so she had to leave once again. She was offered a place to stay with five men. These five men gladly opened up their house for her to stay with them. Phumla was staying in the home with five men when some of our children at the “I Am Not Forgotten” orphan project found out about this situation. They reported Phumla’s terrible circumstances to the house mother over the orphan project—Mrs. Masilela. When Mrs. Masilela found out what was going on, she immediately went and rescued Phumla out of the men’s house. Phumla gladly left and now has a bed at the orphan project, where she is safe and sound. Praise the Lord!

We are so thankful for Mrs. Masilela and how the Lord is developing a heart of compassion in her for those who are less fortunate. We are also thankful for the children who heard about an awful situation and told their “Mom” about it. They too are developing hearts of compassion. These children who have been rescued themselves are now helping others out of desperate situations.

Please pray for this young lady, Phumla Manana. We are hoping that one day she can be restored to the people who treated her so terribly.

Jeremiah 20:13: “Sing to the Lord! Give praise to the Lord! He rescues the life of the needy from the hands of the wicked.”

Randy and Karen Brennan
Serving the Lord in Swaziland, Africa