Update on Hospital Ministry

Missions in Africa, Inc.
March 26, 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Swaziland! In this update we are going to give more testimony about what the Lord is doing in the Mbabane Government Hospital. People are making decisions to follow Christ, receiving divine healing, and the Lord has given us some insight on why healing usually comes after we are gone.

The true Gospel of Christ is being received by open hearts every week during hospital ministry. We are receiving testimony after testimony that the Good News, as portrayed in the Jesus Film, is being understood clearly for the first time by many who have been in the church for years and by many who have never set foot in a church. We are asking for a show of hands if a decision has been made to follow Christ as Lord and Savior. We are consistently seeing up to half of the patients in the wards raise their hands. Praise the Lord!

Since our last update we have witnessed two remarkable healings. A young lady of about 17 years of age was in the hospital with extreme pain in her head and a total loss of vision in both eyes. The doctors had no answers. She was unable to view the Jesus Film but listened to it intently?this is what she told us. We prayed that the Lord would remove the pain and restore her vision. This happened on a Monday. On Wednesday we returned to the ward to find her free of pain and her vision fully restored. She was scheduled to be discharged the next day! She gave all the credit for her healing to Jesus Christ! She watched the Jesus Film with her restored vision that day!

While in the children??s ward we came upon a young boy of about 8 years old and his mother. She said he was admitted because of continual seizures and an inability to walk on his own or eat any type of food. While we were talking to her he began to have a seizure. He became rigid, his eyes rolled back in his head and he began to vibrate violently. We asked the Lord to free him from this torment and restore normal function of his body so he could walk, eat and lead a normal life free of seizures. As we prayed his seizure lessened in severity and stopped. We returned 2 days later to find him standing at the foot of his bed eating a piece of chicken. His mother said he had not experienced a seizure since we had prayed and began to walk and eat the next day. She gave all the praise to Jesus the healer.

We are seeing the Lord confirm His gospel over and over with miracles of healing. However, it is rare that we witness full miraculous healings before our very eyes while we are praying. I was asking the Lord over and over why this is our experience in light of the fact that when the Lord laid hands on the sick and prayed in the gospel accounts healing came immediately. As I prayed on this I began to receive some understanding. In the Gospel accounts people were healed immediately by Christ so that they would know beyond a doubt that He was the one who healed them. It is the same today. He wants to receive all the credit for the healing so He will wait for the person who does the praying and anointing with oil to leave, so the one receiving the healing does not attribute it to some special ability of that person, but rather to Christ alone.

Be encouraged knowing that Christ heals today as he did when He walked the earth!!


Randy & Karen Brennan
Serving the Lord in Swaziland, Africa